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  13.4.6 connecting an infinitive to an adjective part 2

By the way. It is not going to be possible to remember all these details and that is not necessary either. If you analyse the structures and if you click several times on the sound player you will use the correct preposition automatically. You won't remember in the long run the analysis, but you will use the correct preposition. The only purpose of the analysis is to reflect about these structures for a while.

normally a verb is connected to an adjective with di
Sono sicuro di non averla vista.
I am sure that I haven' t seen her.
Sono contento di averla conosciuta.
I am happy to have got to know you.
È capace di fare qualsiasi sciocchezza.
I think he does any kind of foolishness.
Sono stanco di dovere dire cento volte la stessa cosa.
I am tired of telling one hundred times the same thing.
Sono stato sorpreso di vederla lì.
I was surprised to see her there.
Sono triste di non aver potuto parlare con lei.
I was that because I couldn' t speak with her.
Era avido di avere più informazioni.
He was eager to get more information.
Lui è convinto di essere il più bello di tutti.
He is convinced of being the most beautifull of all.
Gli sono riconoscente di essere venuto.
I grateful to him for having come.

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