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 six audio books plus text and translation for download

The translations to english come from google. They are good enough to understand the meaning in case of difficulties with the original italian version. If we have time, we will translate them.


Italo Svevo Italo Svevo  biographie: Italo Svevo A perfect hoax - Una Burla Riuscita

Luigi Pirandello  biographie: Luigi Pirandello The late Mattia Pascal by Luigi Pirandello - Il fu Mattia Pascal di Luigi Pirandello
translated from the Italian by Arthur Livingston

Emilio Salgari  biographie: Emilio Salgari Crossing the atlantic in ballon - ATTRAVERSO L’ATLANTICO IN PALLONE

Carlo Collodi  biographie: Carlo Collodi Pinocchio - Pinocchio summary! Pinocchio - Pinocchio simplified version produced by infos24 GmbH november 2009)

Giuseppe Abba

Giuseppe Abba biographie: Giuseppe Abba Chronic of the memory - Cronache a memoria

 six poems with audio + text and translation for download, free

Francesco Petrarca Francesco Petrarca  biographie: Francesco Petrarca Ye who in rhymes dispersed the echoes hear - Voi ch’ascoltate in rime sparse il suono

Giacomo Leopardi

Giacomo Leopardi  biographie: Giacomo Leopardi The Infinite - L` infinito Silvia, do you remember - Silvia, rimembri ancora

Ugo Foscolo

Ugo Foscolo  biographie: Ugo Foscolo A ZACINTO - Zakynthos

Dante Alighier

Dante Alighieri  biographie: Dante Alighieri sonnet 11 In her eyes my lady bears Love, - Ne li occhi porta la mia donna Amore,

So gentle and so pure appears - Tanto gentile e tanto onesta pare

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