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  13.7.17 exercise 17: Active and passive infinitive, anteriority and posteriority

The situation is the same as in the case of the gerundio. As an infinite form the infinitivo doesn't have any tense himself, the anchor on the timeline is the tense of the finite verb. In case of a simple infinitivo the actions / events described with the infinitivo happen at the same time or after the event / actions described with the finite verb and in case of an infinitio passato these actions happened before. Besides that both types of infinitivos exist in active and in passive voice.

exercise 17: Translate these sentences
Instead of learning he went to the disco.
After having worked the whole day, he went to the disco.
After having read the letter, he commited suicide.
After having gone, he felt better.
Under the condition that they have passed the exam, they can start working.
After having been released to freedom, he escaped from the country.

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