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  15.3 Italian prepositions part 2

a to design a direction / a place

With cities (!), countries (!) and regions (!) there is no difference in Italian between the movement to a place and the residence at a place. But there is a difference between countries and regions at one side and cities on the other side. In the case of cities and regions in both cases we use in, in the case of cities a.

countries and regions with in, in plural with article (negli, nei, nelle)
Sono in Italia.
Vado in Italia.

=> I am in Italy. / I go to Italy.
  Sono negli Stati Uniti.
Vado negli Stati Uniti.

=> I am at the United States. / I go to the United States.
  Sono in Sardegna.
Vado in Sardegna.

=> I am in Sardinia. / I go to Sardinia.
In the case of cities with a
  Sono a Roma.
Vado a Roma.

=> I am in Rome. / I go to Rome.

The same rules applies for città, montagna and campagna. These words don't design a concrete city, a concrete mountain or a concrete landscape, but are a general name for that.

Vado in città.
in città.
=> I go into town. / I am in towon.
Vado in montagna.
in montagna.
=> I go to the mountains. / I am in the mountains.
Vado in campagna.
in campagna.
=> I go to the countryside. / I am at the countryside.

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