Forse / magari in the meaning of perhaps requires the indicativo

Magari can introduce as well an optative sentence, in this case we use the congiuntivo II or the congiuntivo I.

with congiuntivo II
  Magari piovesse per una settimana.  
  If it only rains one week.
  Magari sapessi io fare una torta come la tua.  
  If only I can make a cake like yours.
  Magari qualcuno ci facesse sapere qualcosa!  
  If someone knows something about it, let me know about it.
  with congiuntivo I
  Comunque per quanto mi riguarda basterebbe un uomo carino,simpatico,romantico e che magari sappia anche cucinare.  
  As far as I am concerned, a nice, friendly, romantic man, one who can cook as well, would be enough for me.

With the indicative the meaning is perhaps and can be substituted by forse.

Come forse avrete intuito io sono un freddo razionale calcolatore.
  As you may perhaps already assumed I am a cool and rational calculator.
  Forse fa parte del "mistero della fede".
  Perhaps it is part of the mystery of believe.
  Magari abbiamo fatto degli errori.
  Perhaps we have committed some mistakes.

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