17.2.1 Formation of an adverb on the basis of an adjective

An adverb on the basis on an adjective is formed by adding the suffix -mente to the feminine form. The possibility to form an adverb based on an adjective exists as well in English (slow => slowly) but is not as productive as in Italian.

masculine form feminine form suffix adverb meaning  
  lento lenta + mente lentamente slowly
  sicuro sicura sicuramente sure
  caro cara caramente nice
  ricco ricca riccamente rich
  furioso furiosa furiosamente angry

If there is no feminine form at all, that's the case if the adjective ends on e, mente is simple added to the adjective.

felice => felicemente = happily
  dolce => dolcemente = sweet
  pesante => pesantemente = exhausting
  independente => independentemente = independently

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