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  2.25 Double consonants

In the italian writing you find some pecularity which doesn' t exist in other romance languages, the double consonants in words like bello, notte, pubblico etc.. The difference between the single consonant and the correspondant double consonant depends on the type of consonant. In the case of p, b, t, which, beeing occlusive, can' t be pronounced 'longer', are prononced stronger. The r, being fricative, is pronounce several times. Consonants like m, n, s are just pronounced longer.

Consonants which are pronounced longer
  nonno = grand father nono = Neunte
  Consonants which are pronounced several times
  casa = house cassa =till
  caro = expensive carro = cart
  faro = lighthouse farro = spelt
  fata = fairy fatta = genre
  eco = echo ecco = (here it is)
  tuta = work clothes tutta = whole

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