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  2.28.5 Summary: Word stress

In general Italian words have the word stress on the syllable before the last

In Italian the word stress falls on the second last syllable of the word. Exceptions to that rule are not marked by an accent. Only in case that the word stress falls on last syllable, it is marked by an accent. In this case, there is even a distinction to be made between the closed and open e, the open and the closed o. If the stressed last syllable is e (caffè) an accento grave is to be used. Otherwise, in case of a closed e, an accento acuto
(perché). These rules applies as well to the o, but since these stressed os are always open os, it's always an accento grave.

comprò = he / she / it bought (open o, word stress on the last syllable)
perché = why ( closed e, word stress on second last syllable)
numero = number (deviation from the normal case, word stress on the third last syllable)
novanta = ninety (the normal case, word stress on the second last syllable)
è = he / she / it is (the accent is not a diacritical sign, it distinguishs between è and e)

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