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  5.2.3 Formation with -e / -essa

I think we have already mentioned that we don't think that it is possible to remember all these rules, the exceptions and the exceptions of the exceptions. It is easier to click on the loudspeaker. A lot of words and their feminine forms you will learn this way automatically.

Some masculine forms which ends with e form the feminine form with -essa.

il dottore => la dottoressa
the doctor masc. / fem.
i dottori => le dottoresse
the doctors masc. / fem.
lo studente => la studentessa
the student masc. / fem.
gli studenti => le studentesse
the student masc. / fem.
il conte => la contessa
the count => the countess
i conti => le contesse
the counts => the countess
il principe => la principessa
the prince => the princess
i principi => le prinicipesse
the princes => the princess
l' elefante => l' elefantessa
the elefant masc. / fem.
gli elefanti => le elefantesse
the elefants masc. / fem.
il professore => la professoressa
the professor masc. / fem.
i professori => le professoresse
the professors masc. / fem.

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