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  6.6 Irregular formation of the past participles

Of course, there are irregular forms of the past participle as well and we already mentioned a general, although strange rule. In any language the most used verbs are the most irregular ones.

The past participle of some important verbs.

verb participio perfetto past participle
fare fatto done  
chiudere chiuso closed  
prendere preso taken  
mettere messo put  
muovere mosso moved  
perdere perso lost  
vedere visto seen  
aprire aperto opened  
leggere letto red  
scrivere scritto written  

Examples (we know start, as anounced before, to omit the personal pronoun)
Ho visto il libro.
I have seen the book.
Hai letto il giornale.
You have read the newspaper.
Hanno scritto una lettera.
You have written a letter.
Ho preso i soldi.
I have taken the money.
Abbiamo imparato a leggere.
We have learnt to read.

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