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  7.10.4 exercise4: ce / ne

Once again the rule: Ci is used when the verb requieres the prepositions a, in, su. Ne is used when the verbe requieres di.

  substitute the marked in blue with either ci or ne  
You still think of the accident. => Yes, I still think of it.
Pensi ancora a quell' incidente?
Do you put it on the table? => Yes, I put it on the table.
  Lo metti sulla tavola?
Do you want to talk about it? => No, I don' t want to talk about it.
  Vuoi ancora parlare di questo?
Do you go to Rome? => Yes, I go there.
  Vai a Roma?
Do you still have money? => Yes, I still have some.
  Hai ancora soldi?
Did you talk about the situation? => Yes, we talked about it.
  Avete parlato della situazione?

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