learn italian the adjective demonstrative pronoun quello

In some cases it is crucial to understand the difference between an adjective demonstrative pronoun and a substantive demonstrative pronoun.

a) quell' azzurro = this kind of blue
b) quello azzurro = this blue one

In the case of a) we have a demonstrative adjective pronoun, which matches in gender and number with the noun it describes. In case a) we talk about a special kind of blue (hell, dark, turquoise whatever). Azurro is the noun, quello the adjective describing the noun. In b) quello is the noun and azurro an adjective.

the adjective demonstrative pronoun quello
=> pointing to something
This woman is very pretty.
Quella donna che vedi lì è bella.
This man is not poor.
Quell' uomo non è povero.
This tree has lost all his leaves.
Quell' albero ha perduto tutte le sue foglie.
Nobody needs this woman.
Di quegli amici nessuno aveva bisogno.
  => stress the singularity
This man is not like the others.
Quell' uomo non era come gli altri.
Those men were still able to work.
Quegli uomini sapevano ancora lavorare.
  => pointing to a distance in time
At these times people couldn' t neither read nor write.
A quei tempi la gente non sapeva né scrivere né leggere.

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