learn italian formation of the passato remoto 2

verbs on -ire
  infinitive german radical ending  
  soffrire (to suffer) soffr


  udire (to hear) ud
  aprire (to open) apr
  riuscire (to finish) riusc
  morire (to die) mor
  offrire (to offer) offr
  salire (to board) sal
  apparire (to show up) appar

  L' anno scorso mi comprai una bella macchina, ma dovetti venderla.
Last year I bought a nice car, but I had to sell it.
  Quando morì sua moglie vendette la casa.
When his wife died, he sold the house.
  Andò via e non tornò mai.
He left and never came back.

The passato remoto seems difficult to learn because there are a lot of irregular verbs. We are going to see later that there is a regularity inside the irregularity and to the round about 2000 irregular verbs correspond only roughly 80 patterns and most of these patterns are a mix of a few irregularities. Therefore, the problem is not as huge as it may appear at first glance. We are going to discuss that later again.

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