Dante Alighieri

The two sonnets are part of La Vita Nova. It was written in the years 1292 until 1295 by Dante Alighieri (1265 to 1321). Dante Alighieri is the best integrated italian poet in the italian education systems in other words students study his main work, the Divina Commedia, for three years at school. The importance given to Dante Alighieri by the oficial education system does not necessarily correspond to the appreciation given to him by italian students or the italian population in general. The Divina Commedia can be considered as the expression of the most fundamental version of catholicism and intolerance. The main failure of the Divina Commedia is the fact that it has nothing to do with poetry because it is nothing but an illustration in tercets of the "philosophy" at the Middle Age. The case of the La Vita Nova is different. In La Vita Nova Beatrice, the big love of Dante, is already a woman while in the Divina Commedia she became a symbol for theologie, in other words a monster.

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