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  10.2 the mood of a verb

10.2.1 the mood of a verb

In a lot of languages as well as in English, there are three moods: the indicative (only this one we have used until know), the subjunctive and the imperative.

indicative: He went swimming.

The indicative is used to talk about facts, things that really happened, are happening or are going to happen.

subjunctive: I request that he be granted time to examine the records.

With the subjunctive we describe a subjective attitude towards the world. That we believe, fear, want something or that someone wanted someone to do something.

imperative: Go away!

The imperative is normally defined as the mood we use to give an order. Actually it is rarely used this way. In a sentence like Feel free to do what you want we ask someone to do what he wants to do and this is really a strange kind of order. As a real "order" the imperative is rarely used and normally it is not a good idea to use it this way.

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