learn italian subjunctive after indefinite pronouns

We already discussed about the indefinite pronouns in chapter 7. If the arbitrariness is the main statement of a sentence the subjunctive is to be used. This is the case with these indefinite pronouns or more exactly, this can be the case with the following conjunctions.

qualsiasi persona = whoever / anybody / everybody
not with the congiuntivo: Qualsiasi persona può seguire un corso di spagnolo?
Anybody can take part in a Spanish course?
but :
Qualsiasi persona adulta che viva sola con uno o più figli a carico.
Every single person who has to take care of one ore more children.

comunque = in any case
Penso che comunque faccia sempre piacere che vengono riconosciute la volontà e la tenacia nell' affrontare le cose!
It think that it is in any case pleasant if the will and the perseverance with which things are pursued is recognized.
chiunque = whoever
Alle armi, qualunque sia la bandiera?
To the arms no matter what' s flag?

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