congiuntivo in relative clauses

We have already talked about the relative clauses in chapter eight. If the relative clause describes a desire (I want a car, which runs quickly) the subjunctive is to be used, in other words, the general rule must be applied, which says that the subjunctive is to be used if an event or an action are not real, but only feared, desired, insecure, etc.

  Per chi ha delle pretese semplici e vuole una macchina che non sia costosa e sia anche bella da vedere la consiglio.
I can recommend it to everyone who has simple claims and who is looking for a car which is not expensive and nice to look at.
  Gli appartamenti costano intorno a 5000 euro al mq, ed e' difficile trovare una casa che costi meno di 1 miliardo di vecchie lire!
The flats cost round about 5000 euro the square meter, and it is difficult to find a house which costs less than 1 billon old lira.
  Perché credono che un libro che non sia passato attraverso il filtro di una casa editrice, non sarà mai un buon prodotto.
That' s because they believe that a book that never went through the filter of publisher can' t be a good product.

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