13.6.6 exercise 6: Select the right form of stare + gerundio in the following sentences

Select in the following sentences the right form of stare + gerundio. Pay attention to the fact that some verbs requires the congiuntivo and that the time line of the actions / events is to be considered.

exercise 6
  lavorando quando di colpo bussarono alla porta.   ?
  I have been working when suddenly someone knocked at the door.
  Lui vuole che io lavorando quando verrà.   ?
  He want that I will be working when he arrives.
  Lui voleva che loro lavorando quando fosse venuto.   ?
  He wanted that they were working when he would arrive.
  È proprio questo che ti dicendo!   ?
  That' s what I am telling you.
  giocando in giardino quando avvenne l' incidente.   ?
  The were playing in the garden when the accident happened.

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