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  14.5.5 exercise 5: Che and quale used as interrogative adjectives

Used as interrogative adjectives the situation becomes more complicated. In this case only at the extremes the situation is clear. If for instance a group of reference is mentioned one must use which (Which of these flowers you like best?). If it is clear from the context that the question is about characteristics, what is to be used (What type of food do you like?). The sentence below are clear in that sense. For all other cases you can stick to the rule of thumb. If you can use which as well as what you can use in Italian quale or che as well.

exercise 5: Chose the interrogative adjective that fits best in the given context.
tipo di persona è?
What type of man is he?
romanzo di Thomas Mann è il più famoso?
What is the best known novel of Thomas Mann?
casa volete farvi costruire?
What kind of house do you want to built?
macchina è la più economica di tutte queste?
Which car is the cheapest one?
romanzo scrivesti se avessi il tempo di scriverne uno?
What kind of novel would you write if you had the time to write one?

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