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  14.5.6 exercise 6: quale / qual' / quali

Quale matches in gender and number with the noun it refers to. From that you can deduce that quale asks in general for an element of a group because in order to choose the corresponding gender and number you must already know something about the thing you ask for because with something completely unknown an agreement in gender and number is not possible.

Übung 6: Wählen Sie die richtige Option  
telefonini supportano lo standard MMS?
Which mobil supports the MMS standard?
In città vorresti vivere?
In which town do you want to live?
animali sono in pericolo?
Which animals are in danger?
di questi che sono sulla tavola, ti piacciono?
Which of these on the table do you like?
di quelle che abbiamo visto compreresti?
Which oft those we have seen you would by?
Di uomo stai parlando?
About which man you are talking?

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