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È poco probabile che riesca a finire questo lavoro entro stasera.
It is not very probable that I will succeed to finish this work until this evening.
Non credo che si possa leggere questo libro in una settimana.
I don' t believe that this book can be read in one week.

In relationship to an instant of time there is no problem. Until corresponds to entro and in to in.

Urgente, devo scegliere entro domani.
not: Urgente, devo scegliere in domani.
Urgent, I have to make a decision until tomorrow.

If entro is used with a period of time the meaning is within.

within a period of time
Lo posso fare in / entro un' ora.
I can do it within an hour.
after the period of time has passed
Lo posso fare tra / fra un' ora.
I can do it in an hour. (After one hour has passed.)

If you want to express that something is going to happen after a period of time you have to use tra / fra.

Lo faccio tra / fra un' ora.
I do it in one hour.
(=> I do it after one hour will have passed.)
Lo faccio in / entro un' ora.
I do it within an hour.

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