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  17.3 adverbs based on nouns

There are some adverbs based on nouns, but that is not a productive system. At first glance you might believe that it doesn't make sense to form adverbs based on nouns, but that's not true. In German for instance you have a lot of adverbs based on nouns, but in no language, not even in german, it is really a productive system. In other words all the adverbs based on nouns are part of the vocabulary, you find them in a dictionnary and if you don't find them in a dictionnary, they don't exist. There are only few adverbs based on nouns and actually they are not based on the noun itself, but on the corresponding adjective.

fondamentalmente (fondamento, fondamentale => fundamental),
sostanzialmente (sostanza, sostanziale => substantial),
essenzialmente (essenza, essenziale => essential)

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