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  18.4.1 sequence of tenses in relationship to temporal conjunctions

We have spoken already in the chapter conjunctions that in some cases we have to distinguish between the start of an action / event and the achievement of an action / event.

example prima (with congiuntivo)
=> The action has finished bevor another one has started.
Poco prima che avesse potuto dare inizio al programma, morì
Just before he could start the programm, he died.
=> The action starts bevor another begins
Parla a tua figlia prima che lo faccia l'industria della bellezza.
Speak with your daughter, before it is done by the beauty industrie.
=> The actions starts, before another action is finished
Dobbiamo farlo prima che sia troppo tardi.
We have to do it, before it is to late.

The problem is not really the same as in the sequence of tenses, but similar. In the case of the sequence of tenses the problem is due to the fact that the moment something is said / imagined and the moment of the report what had been said or imagined are different and therefore a realignment on the timeline is necessary. Together with conjunctions like dopo che, prima che, quando the actions / events has to be placed correctly on the timeline. Therefore, the problem is similar.

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