2.13 groups of vowels 'ia', 'ie', 'io', 'iu'

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As we already mentioned in 2.3 groups of vowels 'ae', 'ao', 'ai', 'au' and 2.8 groups of vowels 'eo', 'ei', 'eu' the two vowels have to be pronounced in one syllable without interrupting the stream of air. In this group we have a very important word, io, which means I.

No interruption of the stream of air, the pronunciation is
  io = I
and not
  io = I

The 'i' is not pronounced if it follows 'g' or 'c'. In these cases it only changes the phonetic value of 'g' or 'c'. A 'g' becomes /dsh/ (voiced) and a 'c' becomes /tsh/ (voiceless).

  sia = be (congiunctive: so be it / così sia)
  sociale = social
  soggiornare = to stay
  precipizio = precipice

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