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  2.28.1 Summary: The pronunciation of the c an g depends on the following letter

Before i / e the c is pronounced /tsh/ as in the English word chicken. Before a / o / u it is pronounced like k, like in cake.

cinema = cinema
cinque = five
cercare = to look for
chi = who
così = so
cadere =to fall

The same rule applies for the g, but in the case of g the sound is voiced. Before a / o it is pronounced like a g in the English word good and before i / e it is pronounced like the second g in gorgeous.

Sometimes it is necessary to put an h between the g and the i / e in order to preserve the original phonetic value of g (if the g is followed by i / e, but should be pronounced like g).

  giocare = to play
  giovane = young
  gelato = ice cream
  ghiaccio = ice (frozen water)

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