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  20.2.2 date time with the day of the week

the days of the week are    
il lunedì monday
il martedì tuesday
il mercoledì wednesday
il giovedì tuesday
il venerdì friday
il sabato saturday
la domenica sunday

We see that Sunday is feminine in Italian (la domenica), the other days are masculine. The days of the week can be part of a date specification. The day of the week is put in front of the date specification. If a preposition is needed it is put in front of the whole expression. If the preposition is combined with an article the rules are to apply we already know.

Le persone che non si siano ancora iscritte, potranno farlo fino giovedì 2 ottobre 2003.
= The persons who have not yet registered can still make it until thursday, 2nd October 2003.
Il concorso si svolge dal lunedi 31 marzo fino al giovedi 2 aprile.
= The test is carried out from next monday, 31 march to thursday 2nd april.
Il calcio Italiano sarà in vacanza fino il giovedi 2 gennaio.
=From thursday, 2nd january the Italian football is on holidays.
Da martedì 17 ottobre fino al giovedi 2 novembre 2000 si mostreranno opere di artigianato nella casa di cultura.
= From tuesday, 17 october 2000 to thursday 2nd november in the House of Cultured will be an exposition of art and crafts.

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