table of content chapter 2020.2.3 time data which refers to decades and centuries

chapter 20: date and time

  20.2.3 time data which refers to decades and centuries
  Very often we have expressions like the golden twenties, the twentieth century, the fashion of the fifties etc. etc. In English there is a special form of number for that, the cardinal numbers in plural. In Italian there are no special numbers for that, but in reference to decades the number stands behind (settant' anni = seventy years, gli anni settanta = the seventies).

gli anni settanta => the seventies
  settant'anni => seventy years

In the case of decades the years get their names from the beginning (gli anni settanta = 20 to 29), in the case of century from the end (il diciannovesimo secolo = 1800 to 1899).

  il ventesimo secolo = the twentieth century
  il diciannovesimo secolo = the nineteenth century
  Il ventesimo secolo era l' epoca della barbarie. = the tweentieth century was the era of barbarism
  L' espressione i dorati anni venti è fuorviante. = The expression the Golden Twenties is misleading