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  21.1 Introduction- stare / essere

Attention! All the websites of the infos24 are on going projects, they will never be finished! All the grammars you find on the market are incomplete. Our grammars are more complete than everything you find on the market, but are not complete neither. To the degree that we get informed through questions in the forum, chat or email about things missing, we will complete this grammar. Ideas about how to improve the didactic approach can lead to a change as well. Some chapters can be experimental, in other words, possibly we delete / or change them later. This chapter is such an experimental chapter. Italian have two words for to be, stare and essere. If you speak Spanish you may be induced to believe that the difference between stare and essere in Italian it the same as the difference between estar / ser in Spanish. That's not the case. Absolutely not. The distinctions between stare and essere has nothing to do with the differences which exist in Spanish and the use of stare / essere is not as stable as in Spanish. In Spanish estar can never be substituted by ser, but in Italian essere and stare are very often interchangeable. We will see that even Italian native speakers have problems with the use of stare and essere.

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