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So, back to the main topic.

In front of possessive pronoun a definite article is mandatory in Italian.

Io vendo la mia casa
I sell   my house.  

There are exceptions to that simple rule and there are exceptions to the exceptions as well.

The general rule that in front of a possessive pronouns must be an definite article DOES NOT APPLY, when ....

...there is a parental relationship:  
mio padre => my father
mia madre => my mother
mio zio => my uncle
mia nonna => my grand mother
mio cugino => my cousin
mio fratello => my brother
but: when talking in plural, there must be a definite article  
i miei zii => my uncles
i miei nonni => my grandparents
i miei cugini => my cousins
i miei fratelli => my brothers
and: if there is a more detailed description, there must be a definite article  
Il mio zio che abita a Roma. => My uncle living in Rome.
La mia nonna che abita a Firenze. => My grandmother who lives in Florence
Il mio cugino che è architetto. => My cousin, who is an architect.
Il mio fratello che sta a Parigi adesso. => My brother who lives in Paris
and: in the third person plural, there must be always a definite article  
Il loro zio. =>her uncle
La loro madre => her mother
Le loro sorelle => her sister
and: in case of a pet name there must be a definite article  
il mio fratellino => my little brother
la mia mamma => my mum
il mio papà => my dad

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