5.3.4 Unchangeable adjectives

Some adjectives, very few, never change their form, they are the same in singular and plural, for feminine and masculine.

blu = blue
  la gonna blu => the blue skirt  
  il cielo blu => the blue sky  
  le donne blu => the blue women  
  gli uomini blu => the blue men  
  marrone = brown
  la casa marrone => the brown house  
  il colore marrone => the brown colour  
  il pantaloni marrone => the brown pants  
  le case marrone => the brown houses  

To this group belong also some adjectives which end on -a.

Examples- rosa
  la camicia rosa => the pink shirt  
  il libro rosa => the pink book  
  le camicie rosa => the pink shirts  
  il libri rosa => the pink books  
  Examples- viola
  la pianta viola => the pink plant  
  le piante viola => the pink plants  
  il fiore viola => the pink flower  
  i fiori viola => the pink flowers  

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