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  7.9.2 Altro / altra / altri / altre

We are going to have a look now on the more simple candidates, indefinite adjectives / pronouns which can't be confused with other indefinite adjectives / pronouns.

Altro (other / the other) matches in gender and number with the noun it refers to. Altro is very often used with an indefinite article. The rules explained here 3.2.1 forms of the indefinite article has to be considered. Altro starts with a vowel and so you have to use the corresponding forms. Pay attention to the apostroph, it is only used in the feminine form. Gli is only used in the plural form if the noun is masculine. The same rule applies for the prepositions, they are described in chapter 3.2.2 combinations of preposition and articles.

singular plural
altro altri
altra altre

I wanted to do something else.
Volevo fare un' altra cosa.
The other dress I liked more.
L' altro vestito mi piaceva di più.
The other house I liked more.
L' altra casa mi piaceva di più.
We have to find another appartement.
Dobbiamo trovare un altro appartamento.
The other mobiles where all black.
Gli altri telefonini erano tutti neri.
The other houses were to expensive.
Le altre case erano troppo care.
I don' t want another car.
Io non voglio un' altra macchina.
You don' t have enough money to buy another appartement.
Tu non hai abbastanza soldi per comprarti un altro appartamento.
I didn' t see the others.
Non ho visto gli altri.
I didn' t write the others.
Agli altri non ho scritto.
The book lies upon the others.
Il libro si trova sugli altri.
With the others nothing could be done.
Con gli altri non si poteva fare niente.
I have spoken with the others, but not with them.
Ho parlato con le altre ma non con loro.

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