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  7.9.8 Nessuno / nessuna

Nessuno / nessuna can be adjective and pronoun. Therefore, it can't be translated always with nobody, because nobody can be used only as a pronoun. As an adjective the translation to English is just no (nessun uomo = no man).

Nessuno lo sapeva.
Nobody knew it.

Concerning following vowels the same rules applies as in the case of the indefinite articles. The apostroph is only used in relationship to feminine nouns (nessun' amica but nessun uomo).

femininum nessuna
maskulinum nessuno  

Nessun uomo può vivere senza mangiare.
Nobody can live without eating.
Non ha nessun' amica nella città dove abita.
She has no friend in the town where she lives.
Nessuna casa gli piaceva.
He didn' t like any house.
Nessuno sapeva dove viveva.
Nobody knew where he lived.
Nessuna voleva bere questo vino.
Nobody wanted to drink this wine.

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