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  7.9.9 Niente

Niente is very simple, niente means just nothing. From a practical point of view there is no problem at all. From a theoretical point of view there is a little problem. Normally niente / nothing is subsumed under the pronouns. The central function of a pronoun is to represent something. But nothing doesn't represents anything, nothing is just nothing. If someone has nothing, he has just nothing and not something because nothing is nothing. Therefore, we can't really say that nothing is an indefinite pronoun because it is neither indefinite nor a pronoun. It is not indefinite because it is very definite, it's just nothing and it is not a pronoun neither because it doesn't represent anything. But there is no grammatical categorie which really suits for nothing, so it is allright to subsume it under the indefinite pronouns.

niente as a subject
Nothing is not very much.
Niente non è molto.
He cares about nothing.
Niente lo interessa.
niente as accusativ
I haven' t seen anything.
Non ho visto niente.
nothing with a preposition
Out of nothing comes nothing
Dal niente nasce niente, questo si!
Nothing to do.
Niente da fare.
I am not surprised at all.
Non sono per niente sorpreso.

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