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  13.6.10 exercise 10: passive and active gerund

The gerundio can be in active or in passive voice. If it is in active voice the gerund shares in general the subject with the finite verb. If it is in passive voice, the subject of the finite verb is in general the goal of the action described by the gerund.

After having been repaired the machine works without any problem.

The subject of the finite verbe (to work) is the machine and this machine is the goal of the action described by the infinite verbe (to repair).

exercise10: Transform these sentences in a sentence with a subordinate clause
Essendo stato riparato, funzionò senza problemi.
After having been repaired it works without any problem.
Avendo detto ciò che voleva dire, uscì della stanza.
After having said what he wanted to say he left the room.
Essendo stata pulita, la porta era bellissima.
After having been cleaned the door was very beautiful.
Avendo bevuto una bottiglia di whisky, morì.
After haven drunken a bottle of whisky he died.

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