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  13.6.11 exercise11: gerundio is never a noun

The English gerund is a verbal substantive and can therefore be used as an object or subject of a sentence.

Reading is fun. => Reading is the subject of this sentence.

I like reading a lot. => Reading a lot is the object of the sentence.

The Italian gerundio is not a verbal substantive and can never be used as an object or a subject. The English gerund, which is not to be confused with the English present participle, is to be traduced with an infinitivo who actually can be used as a verbal substantive.

Translate these sentences to English using an infinite form.

Reading books was the only thing one could do.
Reading these books he learned a lot.
Writing with a pen ball is an ability the next generation will not have any more.
Writing one can learn how to express oneself.

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