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  14.5.7 exercise 7: dove / di dove / da dove

To keep it simple we can say that from where in general is to be traduced with da dove. Only combined with the verb essere from where has to be translated with di dove. In a more abstract way one can say that the preposition da is to be used when talking about the source, the origin of something. The final e of dove is omitted if the following verb starts with e as in the case of è, era, erano.

exercise7: Select the right option  
stai ?
Where are you?
Where do you go?
lo conosci?
How do you know him?
Where do you come from?
lo hai trovato?
Where did you find it?
hai ricevuto quest' informazione?
How did you get this information?
Where do you live?
era ieri?
Where he was yesterday?
è il mio cappello?
Where is my hat?

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