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  16.3.1 conjunctions to express an intention

perchè in the meaning of in order that
Those who speak Spanish or French would never expect that perchè corresponds to in order that, since porque and pourquoi introduce a causal cause. But in Italian perchè can, even if rarely used in this context, introduce a final clause.
Se potessi, urlerei in questo momento perchè tutti mi sentano.
If I could I would cry in order that everybody hears me.

affinche and finchè
Because these two conjunctions are similar one may induced to believe that they mean the same thing. That's not the case.
affinchè = introduces a final clause, describes an intention

Affinchè possa rimanere negli Stati Uniti, risparmia soldi.
In order that he can remain in the United States, he saves money.
finchè = as long as

Finchè può rimanere negli Stati Uniti, risparmia soldi.
Fino a quando potrà rimanere negli Stati Uniti, risparmierà soldi.

As long as he lives in the United States he saves money.

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