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  18.5.4 exercise 4: sequence of tenses in relationship with conjunctions

In the case of conjunctions we have to distinguish sometimes whether we talk about a finished action or the start of an action. Select the option that is logical in the specific context. If you need more information go back to the chapter conjunctions. The principal logic behind is always the same, whether the conjunctions required the congiuntivo or the indicativo. Remember that in Italian in contrast to Spanish we use the future after quando if the action is going to happen in the future.

Prima che non il suo lavoro, non lo lascio andare.
Before he has not finished his work, I am not going to let him go.
Prima che lo , tu devi spiegarmi come lo si fa.
Before I do it, you must explain me how to do it.
Anche se l' esame, non sarebbe stato contento.
Even if he had passed the exam, he would not have been happy.
Anche se che babbo natale è una spia sionista al
servizio dei comunisti, nessuno lo caccerebbe.
Even if he would say that Santa Claus is a zionist spy nobody would fire him.
Quando il libro,
ti potrò dire se mi è piaciuto.
After having read the book I will be able to tell you if I liked it or not.
Dopo che si che lo avevamo ingannato, si arrabbiò.
After he got aware that we had duped him, he became angry.

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