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  7.9.5 Poco / poca / pochi / poché

The case of poco is similar to tutto and molto. In singular it describes a small amount of something (measured in gram, kilo, ton, liter, etc.). In plural it refers to a few isolated elements of something. In singular it means little (both adjective and pronoun) and in plural it means few (both adjective and plural).

  singular plural
feminine poca poche
maskuline poco pochi

There is little to do.
C' è poco da fare.
I have little money left.
Mi restano pochi soldi.
Only few people speak several languages.
Poca gente parla tre lingue.
Only few people could see him.
Poche persone hanno potuto vederlo.
He has only read few books.
Ha letto pochi libri.
I only know little about it.
Ne so poco.
He is not very nice.
È poco gentile.

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